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This is my first blog post so be gentle.

It has only been a few months since learning intensely about Cannabis. A widely misunderstood plant and all it has to offer to you, your friends, or family. You may already know that I am a nurse. I have been a nurse for over 10 years and have proudly worn this badge of honor! This equates to me doing no harm and also wanting to heal the world. Sadly, I found out quickly that healing the world is not something that I can achieve, so I have spent a large amount of time looking for something that will make me happy … then I found cannabis… haha…. No not really.

I found that happiness is all around me. I found out that there is beauty in everything and a strange kind of synergy that exists when I stop trying to make things happen and learn how to ride the waves of life as they come. So I started doing things that take care of me. I began yoga, reading, journaling, and joined a country club (yes a country club). I started surrounding myself with smiles and positive words daily. I say thank you daily and finding purpose in everyday activity. At some point I was just in awe of the experience of life!

Peaceful Moments

Then one day I came across a class that was held across the country in California and impulsively decided to go!

And yes… it was about cannabis.

I never used cannabis before the class so I was not one of those hippie advocates (there is nothing wrong with being a hippie advocate) plus I cannot be caught with dirty urine so I was never a huge fan.

What I am a fan of is:

educating people about the things that you do not typically get information about without knowing a friend of a friend who has the information. I love teaching people and I love that moment when a light bulb goes off. I just get off on the look someone makes when it goes off.

When I went to this class, I learned so much information about this natural treatment option as a medicine I decided this information should only be shared  on a “need to know basis”


Who needs to know about cannabis?

  • Novice users

Many new consumers choose to consume to self-medicate for reasons including: anxiety depression, concentration etc. If they understand the chemicals in their products then they can choose wisely. For example a person with depression may not want to choose a product with Linolool on the label. They would probably want to choose a product with limonene.

  • Recreational users

Many recreational are consuming to have a good time… these consumers think the more you consume the better the effect. This is not true. In many cases the more you consume the worse you feel and begin to experience adverse effects. When people experience adverse effects they tend to shy away from the product and have a negative connotation with cannabis without having a complete understanding of what caused the experience to be negative. Additionally, many people may have sensitivities to specific chemical components that are not in every strain so choosing the right strain is important when indulging in consumption

  • Patients with varying chronic illnesses

Cannabis has been found to relieve many symptoms related to many chronic illnesses. Since becoming a Medical Cannabis Consultant I have heard more than ever how trying this product changed their life. People with chronic disorders cope daily with sometimes debilitating symptoms that provide no relief even with prescribed medications at their disposal. Cannabis is an alternative that is proven to be more effective than any pain medication or blood pressure medication with no addictive qualities. If taken the responsibly and with awareness you do not have to have to be “high” or “stoned”. You can go to work, go to school, and play with your kids and enjoy it!

  • Anyone who wants to achieve overall homeostasis (which should be just about everyone)

The thing that is most surprising about the plant is that is makes chemicals naturally that are similar to the chemicals that already exist in the body. We have a very large receptor system within our body called the endocannabinoid system. This systems sole responsibilty is to create a state of homeostasis and uses endocannabinoids to do that. Endocannabinoids are created naturally in the body and sometimes they are deficient. By supplementing them with the phytocannabinoids found in cannabis can help you achieve a state of homeostasis. Homeostasis is what your body should expereince most of the time. If you are not achieving homeostasis your body function is not balanced therefore you are moving away from wellness on the wellness spectrum to a state of illness (see below)

Wellness Spectrum

If you think you fall into any one of these categories feel free to contact us to set up your FREE consultation!