The Experience: Endocannabinoid Specialty™

So you have taken a Cannabis Course Now What?

The CanaNurse Experience got you!!

The CanaNurse Experience is a program that offers a 360 Cannabis Nurse experience. It is designed to teach you the lessons that has taken some us years to learn and it is compacted into an 11 week program. The program integrates life coaching techniques, spiritual tools like affirmations, business tools and more! All while incorporating various teaching and learning techniques to ensure a complete learning experience. 

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Hello! My Name is Ashley! You will spend 7 of the 11 weeks with me! I am here to coach you; life coach style. You will meet with me weekly to support you in your Cannabis Nurse Journey. The goal is to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together in order to achieve wholeness thus propelling you from starting point A to ending point B!

A little more about me....

Featured in High Times
Author of Asa's Medicine
Nurse Planner For Cannabis Nursing Solutions Training Course

I bet you would like to know how a simple nurse like myself figured all of this out… did she receive special training? Did she know someone? What is the how… well,  I am willing to share the lessons I learned and give you access to those who have supported me in the process through The CanaNurse Experience.

The program is separated into 2 Tiers:

What is included?

Tier 1 Coaching Package:

 (1) 1-hour of purpose discovery 

(7) 1-hour sessions of life coaching from a REAL cannabis Nurse with topics that include:

Purpose Vision Goals




(5) 1-hour sessions of small group work

         Deconstructing the Matrix: Identities and Assignments & Policy and Insurance 

A copy of Asa’s Medicine

A Custom Cananurse Experience Patch

A Special Endocannabinoid Specialty Shirt

Upon completion access to the Canastars program

Tier 2- Business Expansion package

*Everything from tier 1 plus….

(1) 2-hour of consulting 101

(1) 1 hour of branding think tank 

(1) Social Media Plan with 30 minutes of consulting from our business consultant

(1) Step by step guide to Canva Maximization 

(1) Healing Kit – We got to take care of ourselves while building our brand, right?

(1) 1-hour legal consult with a lawyer- the perfect time to ask about EINs, business startup and legal considerations

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Your Faery Godmuva