Endocannabinoid Specialty™:Mastermind


The nurse’s journey is unique and those of us who are interested in Cannabis medicine are even more unique!!!!! You are absolutely valuable so come together with like minds to elevate yourself in your profession!!!

We’ll all be talking about our businesses and progression within this specialty, including what’s going on for you and the support you’d like. 

This is an opportunity to share and offer support.

-The meeting is not designed to solicit, it’s designed to build relationships, offer support and let people know what you do, which will likely be much more valuable than pitching to an audience who doesn’t yet know you. 😀

-I ask that you please arrive on time and stay to the end if possible.  That way you will get the most out of the meetup.  If you leave early, you won’t get the whole experience. 😀

-If there’s someone you’d like to invite, feel free to share the registration. Only registrants will be allowed entry.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you and finding out what’s going on in your world and how we can support each other. If you have any questions, please reach out!





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