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$15.99 ~ Asa's Medicine (Paperback)
$19.99 ~ Asa's Medicine (Hardback)
$26.00 ~Tee Shirt
$30.50- $33.00 ~It’s the Terpenes- Crop Tee
$35.00 ~It's the Terpenes- Fanny
$23.00- $31.00 ~Tee Shirt
$49.00 ~Specialty Backpack-NP
$49.00 ~Specialty Backpack-LPN
$49.00 ~Specialty Backpack-RN
$26.00 ~ *Limited Ed.* Black Nurse Magic Tee
$18.00-24.00 ~ Cannabis Nursing Solutions Brand Tee
My Personal Cannabis Journal
19.99 ~My Personal Cannabis Journal
DC, MD, VA Medical Cannabis Certification *For new patients
Discovery Session: The perfect time to chat about our services and customized needs
DC,MD,VA Certification Renewal