I hate you/I love you

I hate you! I hate that you force me to be somewhere and I do not enjoy the vibrations. I hate the people you surround me with. People who don’t listen and do not appreciate love and light. I hate that they are lost in habit and not working on caring for the people they […]

My Trip to the Cannabis Grow Farm

Last week I went on my first adult field trip. I decided to capture the experience via video. Is this what you thought the grow farm would be like? Did you learn anything new? I would love to know your thoughts. Register for the next Cannabis Nursing Solutions Training Course

Your Cannabis Nurse Consultant

Are you a Candidate for a Cannabis Consultation?

  This is my first blog post so be gentle. It has only been a few months since learning intensely about Cannabis. A widely misunderstood plant and all it has to offer to you, your friends, or family. You may already know that I am a nurse. I have been a nurse for over 10 […]