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Cannabis Nursing Solutions LLC Training Course

  • Nurse Training for individuals who seek to impact the cannabis industry

Organizational Support

  • Staff education
  • Access to Robust toolkit to support practice change (Call for additional information)

“Canna” chats:

  • 30-60 minute informational group sessions of various topics based on your needs. Prices may vary. Call for additional information

Initial Telephone Consultation-
An initial introduction in order to:

  • Assess client overall needs 
  • Assess basic past medical history
  • Assess basic client goals 

One-on-one consultation (in person or telephone):

  • Discuss detailed medical history, medications, current or past treatments
  • Develop a treatment plan- individualized dosing recommendations, titration schedule, and tracking tool
  • Cannabis education- basic education on the endo cannabinoid system, how to use the medicine, methods of administration. safety, how to evaluate effectiveness
  • instruction on how to become a legal patient

Follow-up evaluation:

  • review treatment plan and treatment journal
  • recommend dosing changes (if needed)
  • answer client questions

Care giver support (service is only provided in Maryland) Call for additional information: 

  • Acts as support in easing comfort in cannabis journey
  • may clarify treatment plan recommendations (cannot provide additional recommendations)
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